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take me down the rabbit hole...

These videos will help you discover the world of web3 via the AAVEGOTCHI ecosystem. Credit to GMIfrens (Gotchi Media International) and Hefe/APC (AAVEGOTCHI Pacific Chapter

Before doing these steps I recommend getting familiar with a LEDGER or similar hardware (cold-storage) wallet for safety AND you'll need knowledge of using Metamask or other web3 enabled browser/wallet (Takes a few minutes to setup).

After all that, you'll want to join our amazing AAVEGOTCHI DISCORD  (add me on discord tburd.eth#0001)

THEN SUBSCRIBE and watch the official Aavegotchi YouTube Videos for more info.

**NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE**Do your own research 
**Nobody from AAVEGOTCHI will message you asking for info, STAY SAFE OUT THERE FRENS, and DON'T FORGET TO PET!

Dollars into $GHST with COINBASE

Here's how you can turn your hard earned dollars into hard-working "gotchis" via Coinbase/Metamask

Move crypto assets to Polygon for less than $1 // Buy $GHST

#gotchiverse #Aavegotchi #polygon #nft #crypto In this video Hefe and Zombie Shepheard from GMI frens show you how to get your assets like USDC and Ethereum over to the Polygon network for super cheap! Once we have our funds over we couldn't help ourselves and had to buy some moar $GHST!! This is by far the cheapest way to bridge your assets to the Polygon Network! Polygon: Metamask:

How to buy your own Aavegotchi!
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